San Diego Comfort Cruise

Where does the tour begin? 
Your cruise starts at the:
 Island Palms Hotel and Marina 
 2051 Shelter Island Drive
Call for details and directions.

What should I wear?
Typical San Diego weather is nice, so dress accordingly. It is always a good idea to bring a sweatshirt or jacket just in case you need it. You are cruising in the comfort of a classic Duffy Electric Boat that is completely enclosed, so on San Diego's rare cooler days or on a Sunset Cruise it's not a problem. You'll be cozy and warm;  Knot-a-Yacht...Yet has heaters.  Please wear tennis shoes or deck shoes, but no dark leather-soled shoes (they leave black marks on the boat.)  Bring sun block, hat and sunglasses for your daytime cruise.  
How many people can we bring?
Knot-a-Yacht...Yet is rated for 11 adults, but we limit our cruise to 6 passengers. When you make your reservations, be sure to tell us about your party.
 How long is the cruise?
Depending on the cruise package that you choose, the cruise is generally one and a half hours and up to four
 hours long.
What about boat motion or rough water?
There is little sensation of movement on our Duffy Boat with it's max. speed of 5 knots that should not cause any discomfort.
What about bad weather?
Our electric boat is completely  enclosed with nearly invisible windows, and is quite comfortable in cooler weather. Of Course we would reschedule your cruise if the weather becomes too stormy or uncomfortable. 
 Are there life jackets on board?

Yes, the Duffy Electric boat has Coast Guard certified life jackets on board. Make sure when making reservations you tell us about the guests including children going on your cruise.
What about restrooms?
There are public restrooms at Shelter Island Marina your boarding location as well as places to stop in San Diego Harbor.
Where do I park?
Parking is free and at the Publice parking lot across from the Island Palms Hotel ~
No Parking in the Hotel  lots.
Can I cancel? What is the cancellation policy?
At the time of booking, we require payment in full. If you need to cancel your cruise you need to notify us 72 hours before your scheduled cruise date and your payment will be refunded. If less than 72 hours notice of cancellation is given we retain 50% of payment and refund the balance. We'll be happy to reschedule your cruise if notified 72 hours in advance of your scheduled cruise date.
 What about payment?
We accept cash or charge, sorry no checks.




Office Hours 9:30am-6:30pm

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